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[09 Jan 2008|11:55am]

*throws a LJ party full of confetti, cake, ice cream, and presents* I hope you're having a really awesome party in reality. Those are much better. ;)

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering something. I know you're interested in Classical Greek and Rome, but how far in the timeline does your interest go? I got a history book for Christmas, "A Short History of Byzantium," by John Julius Norwich (a former UK ambassador and member of Parliament). It basically covers the history of the Byzantine Empire from Constantine to the fall of Constantinople in 1453. So some really good Medieval stuff there, which is my primary interest. So, does any of that Medieval stuff interest you at all? Just curious.

Enjoy your birthday, and I wish you many many more! :)
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darth vader sessions [19 Jul 2007|03:46pm]
[ mood | amused ]

For your entertainment if you're bored. I think both of these are hilarious! :D There's some vulgarity in both of these, but not much and not terribly bad.


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Operations, Fools, and the Accursed [07 Jul 2007|01:26am]
[ mood | blah ]

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Birds and Swords [18 Jun 2007|11:53pm]
[ mood | tired ]

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Inquisitions and Pirates III Spoilers [29 May 2007|09:05pm]
[ mood | sick ]

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"A Curse Unto His Kin...." [17 Apr 2007|01:48am]
[ mood | excited ]


So, "Children of Hurin" comes out tomorrow. Yay! I pre-ordered at Amazon, and the book should be in this week. Preferrably tomorrow, but probably later. Anyone else going to get the book, or maybe already have it?

Interesting thing about the above article is one of the book publishers saying that movie companies are already interested in buying the rights to the book. *SQUEALS* Yes! I could only hope! (as long as PJ doesn't get it) I simply love the Narn I Hin Hurin. There is nothing like it. I've often thought about what it would be like to make it, and who I would cast in it. Its kind of tough though...Nienor and Finduilas, the two main female characters, are blonde, and I always think of darker haired women as more beautiful. Morwen has black hair, so at least there's that. But she's also supposed to be the "older" woman. Does Melian have dark hair? I'm not sure it says. In a movie, her parts could very well have to be cut anyway. Anyway, to those Tolkien fans out there, any ideas on who you would cast as the leads? :)

Also read an interview tonight where Sam Raimi (director of the Spiderman movies, and of course the awesomely infamous Evil Dead movies) says that he's been courted to direct The Hobbit. He says he's not sure--New Line would have to commit, PJ would have to be ok with it, and he'd have to take a possible Spiderman 4 in to consideration as far as time and scheduling goes. I totally wouldn't mind! If you haven't seen the Evil Dead trilogy, you should give it a try. Wonderfully cheezy! And if Raimi makes The Hobbit, you can bet on probably two things. 1. his old beaten up Plymouth (?) will somehow make it in to the movie, as it does in all his movies. 2. the most excellent Bruce Campbell will be in the movie, no matter how small the role. I can just imagine him as Bard of Laketown now. Bard/Bruce to Smaug: "Yo, dragon-bitch! Come and get some!" ;P

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Disturbing Behavior [06 Apr 2007|01:12am]
[ mood | amused ]

A couple short tidbits that just made me laugh.

King Henry II of England was a very tempermental man. He became angry easily, and often could not express it in a normal manner. When he got angry, he was known to roll around on the ground, yelling, screaming, roaring, and pounding the ground with his fists. It wasn't like a child's temper tantrum, where they are whining to get their way. He was the king, and could basically get what he wanted. He acted that way just to show his anger. But the funniest thing that I've heard of so far that he did was this. One time, Henry was so angry, he tore apart his bed, ripped open his matress, and stuffed as much of the stuffing as he could in his mouth! Alas, the book does not say if he swallowed or not. The impression I get is that he just stood there with it in his mouth for a while.

Recently, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones confessed to one of the weirder things he had done in his life. Back when he was still doing drugs, he mixed some of his deceased father's ashes in with his cocaine, and snorted it all. He basically snorted his own dad! That's crazy! Seeing as how Richards is in the upcoming Pirates III, and Depp said that he gained inspiration for Captain Jack's character from Richards, I wonder if we'll see either character "pay their respects" to loved ones in this way? ;D

I really wish I could have seen King Henry eat his bed. :D

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Everything at Once [27 Mar 2007|02:15am]
[ mood | Enamoured ]

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Heroes and Shakespeare [26 Feb 2007|10:57pm]
[ mood | Headachey ]

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Sword Update [20 Feb 2007|11:16am]
[ mood | bummed but still excited ]

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Interesting Study [20 Feb 2007|10:59am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]


This is an interesting article. I agree with the findings pretty much, but at the same time, its like, "no Duh!" Isn't it common sense that feeling objectified would make people feel insecure and decrease their effectiveness? And I do mean "people" n the broad sense; this study focuses on young girls and women, but I think the same could be said for boys and men. There are tons of ads and products that objectify men, and make them squirm and insecure. Anyway, I do agree with this study. There is a difference between dressing in a coy or alluring way so as to catch the eye of another, and dressing like a skank!

I do have one problem, though. The article mentions how they had a study with college women where the women wearing swimsuits performed worse on a math test than those wearing sweaters. Now, I'm no scientist, but even I know that you have to have a control group and a test group (I think that's what its called). In other words, for better accuracy, the study should have went more like this: have twenty college women in the same room take a math test in their normal clothes that they wore that day. Then have the same twenty college women in the same room take a similar math test the next day, and this time have half of them wear a swimsuit and the other half sweaters. That would have been more accurate; with the study that was performed, it could be argued that wearing a swimsuit had no effect on test performance. It could be argued that those who performed poorly on the test were just not as intelligent as the others!

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[16 Feb 2007|03:02am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey all! :) Just a few quick notes.

One is that I received an email this evening that was seemingly from Paypal. It wasn't asking for any personal or credit card information, but it was asking me to click on a link to verify my Paypal account due to some odd purchases. The thing that tipped me off was that it said they had already tried to contact me about it, and I had not responded. Well, I hadn't received any emails along these lines, so I don't know how they could have said they had already tried contacting me. Also, I have used Paypal like three times in the past month on Ebay, and everything worked out well. You'd think if something was up with my account, they wouldn't allow me to make any bids or anything. So, I contacted Paypal, and sure enough, that was a phishing email. A tip Paypal gave me was that if you're unsure about a site and if it is secure or not, you should just pass your cursor over whatever links its asking you to click. If it just shows a regular http, then it is NOT secure. If it has a https, then it is; the site is legit, and its ok to use credit card numbers and other things like that on it. I passed my cursor over the links on the email, and sure enough, they were not secure sites. Anyway, I thought that was a good tip, and I'd pass it along for any who might not have heard of it.

Speaking of those Ebay purchases, I got a huge Crusader flag in today. Its white with a red five-crossed Jerusalem Cross on it. Groovy! Also got a very detailed and nice shield patch bearing the black eagle on gold field of the Teutonic Knights (Imperial Germany and Austria also have it on their coat of arms). I'll have to have that sewn on to the shoulder of one of my military jackets.

Heroes on Monday was awesome! My favorite part was the whole situation with Matt trying to protect that crooked lawyer. They really built up the tension a little bit at a time. First when Matt hears the lawyer's thoughts about how he better be able to use his gun. Then again when he hears the jeweler's thoughts about how he and the lawyer will both be dead soon enough. And then lastly as Matt hear's Jessica and Nicki's dueling thoughts as they come up the elevator shaft. Gradually Matt begins to realize he's in for much more than he bargained for! That was just excellently done; my heart was racing. Also, poor Claire's mom. It seems that one too many memory wipes are messing her up more than anyone could have thought. One character is supposed to die next week, I think. If its Ando, I don't know if I can stomach it!

Later all. Take care, and have a great weekend! :)

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[15 Feb 2007|12:38am]
I'm late (as usual). But I did want to wish everyone a very Happy Valentines Day! :D Hopefully there was warmth, sweets, joy, and even a little romance for you all. My day has gone well, I suppose. I am very tired, and pretty swamped with work (or maybe its just that my usual problem of being distracted is squandering my time).

Sheryn, Happy Valentines Day (belated)! :D How are you? My one brother's girlfriend just got back from New Zealand a couple days ago. I didn't get to talk about her trip with her too much, as she and my brother were doing the whole Dramatic-Romantic-Jump In Your Arms-I Miss You Reunion stuff. But anyway, she says she really liked it there. She says the food at McDonalds tastes better there. She mentioned something about some Hokey Pokey Ice Cream parlor or something like that. She said it seemed pretty big and popular there, and that it was good stuff. She also brought home lots of Whittaker's chocolates. I haven't eaten mine yet, but I'm sure its heavenly. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I got a little taste of New Zealand. :)

I finally mailed off my katana blade and all the furniture that goes with it. To a place in Oregon, where they'll carve out a tsuka (hilt) for me, wrap it in the traditional Japanese way, and lastly put everything together for a completed sword. I'm excited but also nervous about it. Nervous because of the cost. The service cost $350. I've seen cheaper, but those places would only work with historical antique blades from Japan (mine is a modern made blade). Other places either stopped rendering such services or simply could not be gotten ahold of. So, I had to go the more expensive route. What's really making me nervous is the habaki I sent with my blade. Its slightly smaller than it should be, and doesn't quite fit. I did mention this to the people in Oregon, and they said they could try to see if they could "adjust" it to make it fit. If they are unsuccessful, I can fully imagine having to buy a completely new habaki from them, and that would cost an extra $250. EEEP!! So, here's hoping they can make that habaki fit! Anyway, here is a picture of a katana that would follow the blue silk wrap over black samé motif that I'm going for with mine. Its the top katana, both in the first picture and the pictures as you scroll down. My blade is damascus steel though, so its really cool. Once I get this baby back, I'll flood you all with pics.


Anyway, I hope you all had a Happy Valentines Day. Happiness and Romance to you all! :)
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[11 Feb 2007|01:40am]
[ mood | impressed ]

I was browzing through Amazon.com, and stumbled upon this.


EEEEP! Children of Hurin hardcover for only $17! Coming out in April! Illustrations by Alan Lee! :D Sorry if you all have already seen this, but I hadn't yet. The cover illustration is ok. Looks a bit too Army of the Last Alliance from the first part of Fellowship, though. I mean, if that's supposed to be Turin with the Dragon Helm of Dor-Lomin, then...let's really pull out all the stops for the Dragon Helm! I hope the other Lee illustrations are better and really top-notch. What I really want to see is a great drawing/painting of Nienor, Findulas, Melian, Morwen, etc. Nothing like beauty. ;) Ah yes, and of course, Glaurung. Dragons are cool, although Glaurung is one of the most evil, twisted, sadistic, and cunning villains out there. Dang if you don't want to kill that bastard yourself! So, who's going to buy this on the first day like me? :)

Saw a link to some more pics from Pirates III. Keira is, as usual, much too thin for her own good. But her Asian outfit there is nice and soft....


Did you all hear about the guy in Brazil who wrestled with an anaconda for half an hour? The anaconda had wrapped around his grandson, and was asphyxiating the poor kid to death. Grandpa comes along, and wrestles the anaconda for a good half an hour, the snake entangling him as well. Finally, grandpa gets away, manages to get a machete, and attack the snake with it. It still took a long time to kill, but grandpa finally saved the day, and slew the snake. Now that is heroism. That's just awesome! I'm scared to death of snakes. Even little ones. Some huge anaconda would have probably given me a heart attack; wouldn't even have to strangle me. Now see, I always have a knife on me. That might not be all that great against an enormous anaconda, but if you have your wits about you, you could stab at the eyes. Always go for the eyes. And if it happened to be in my backyard or house, I have my super sharp sword I could get. Better than a common machete. So anyway, kudos to that guy for being a brave hero. And always have a weapon handy, my friends. ;)

Hope you all are having a great weekend so far. I'm off to bed. Take care, everyone. :)

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POTC III Pics [11 Jan 2007|02:44am]
[ mood | tired ]

Hey all! Its late, I'm tired, pretty bored, and should probably get to sleep. But I just saw this article online with some promo pics for POTC III. Not even sure if anyone's interested, but I really liked the second movie. Looking forward to this third one. Haven't seen any of the extras on the new dvd yet, but maybe I'll get around to it soon. Here's the link. Any thoughts?


I think Capt. Jack looks the coolest, walking through the fog like that all determined and all. Chow Yun-Fat has what looks like a classic Chinese Dao sword. And Kiera's got a typical Tai Chi sword. But she's using it two-handed! That's ok, I suppose. Some Tai Chi's are two-handed, but that one doesn't exactlly look like it is. And she's got hand over hand rather than hand under hand; not as good a grip. Anyway, I like Dao swords much better. Might have to get one one day. *sword geeks* ;P Ain't Jack the Monkey cute? At least when he's not in skeletal mode. Orli's close-up looks kind of...not good. It looks like he should be falling. LOL

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Have a hurt heel to nurse. Take care everyone, and have a great week! :)

PS--anyone bored enough to watch "Armed and Famous" tonight? It was actually pretty good. Funniest part was when they were training everyone for their licence to use a taser. Ponch is like "Hit Me!" ZAAAPP! LOL

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Happy New Year [01 Jan 2007|06:36pm]
[ mood | okay ]

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[26 Dec 2006|10:40pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. I'm late, but things were kind of busy yesterday. I hope everyone had special time with their family and friends, yummy food, and presents to their heart's content. God bless, and Happy New Year! :D

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Survivor and Etc [18 Dec 2006|02:45am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

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Pirates! [15 Dec 2006|01:04am]
[ mood | quixotic ]

I found a couple pics from POTC III. Newest things are Elizabeth in a rather Asian outfit and Chow Yun-Fat as the new Asian pirate character. Maybe we'll be getting a trailer soon!? I guess those pics are kind of spoilerish, but did anyone really think Captain Jack was dead? ;D

In other piratey news, I noticed CBS and the creator of Survivor are making a Pirate reality tv show. They were taking applications, but I didn't notice that the deadline for applications was a couple days ago. Not that I would have entered myself, but I know there are a few lj friends out there who like the pirate life. ;) I wonder what this reality show will be like?

Golden Globe nominations were announced today. It reminds me how many movies are out there that I really want to see, namely Apocalypto, Blood Diamond, and Letters from Iwo Jima. I need to get crackin' on that! It will be interesting to see how the nominations differ from the Oscars. It is nice to see that Apocalypto didn't get snubbed like The Passion was. And Heroes and Hiro were nominated for things, as well! :)

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My Xmas Stocking [11 Dec 2006|10:27pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

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